How to Join Max International as an Independent Associate

When we help others succeed in life with their own home based busines we also benefit. Join Max International top commission paid to Marketing Executives. Come and Join Us at Max 'A' Team work from home business in the USA and Australia. Max provides top commission payments for its sales associates.

How to Join Max International as an Independent Associate

Become An Associate (i.e. Independent Marketing Executive):

Independent Associates buy at wholesale prices, participate in the business and are entitled to earn generous commission payments. (Be Your Own Boss - Work from Home) There is a small enrollment fee of $25 USD for the starter kit and access to the back-office tools. Join Max International » Join Our Team «

Become A Preferred Customer:

Preferred Customers buy at wholesale prices when they sign up to the monthly Auto-Ship Program. (There's no enrollment fee) Auto-Ship orders may be cancelled at anytime. Buy Max International products at wholesale price » Buy Wholesale «

Become a Retail Customer:

This is best option if you just want to make one-off purchase. You will have to pay the full Retail Price for your chosen Max products however, there is no commitment to buy more product. Buy Max International products at Retail » Buy Retail «

We provide FREE Mentoring & Business Coaching

While it is true there are big profits to be made in network or multi-level marketing, most who become involved never have that kind of success. This is not because an outstanding business opportunity does not exist, however, it is only because most people simply don’t know how to go about things in the right way.

Fortunately, Max 'A' Team will show you the ropes and the tricks of the trade. Our sources of guidance and assistance will help you immensely as you learn to navigate the world of multi-level marketing. Videos, discussion forums, and comprehensive written instruction and advice will be made available to you every step of the way, as you begin your new career as a salesperson for Max International.

Our breakthrough glutathione boosting nutritional supplements and the Visible Solutions skin care products are already being sold in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, Ghana, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore. This is a time of expansion for Max International, and you can take advantage of the tremendous business opportunity we are offering, which allows you to work at home as one of our Max sales associates.

With Max International, you will help yourself and others get free from the emotional and psychological stress that keeps them from enjoying life. Life was meant to be enjoyed. And there are many things on this earth to enjoy. Join us and you will have the time freedom plus money you need to enjoy life with your family and friends. Max 'A' Team is focused on helping you achieve success, freedom, financial independence and time to enjoy the best of what this world has to offer. It also offers the opportunity to significantly help others do the same.


How to Join Max International

How to join Max International as an associate

Cellgevity US Enrollment - Premiere Pack

Serious business builders that join Max International are provided with everything they need to get started in the right way by this enrollment pack. It includes product and printed sales materials Sales and a FREE Starter Kit, normally $49 USD. The pack showcases Max's premiere technology in glutathione enhancement via the Cellgevity product. Cellgevity is powered by RiboCeine and other scientifically proven ingredients to support the body's natural ability to produce glutathione. This master antioxidant plays a vital role in reducing oxidative stress and the effects of free radicals. Glutathione also supports normal cellular function and promotes better health.

This packs contains:

  • 16 bottles of Max Cellgevity (each containing 1 month's supply, i.e. 120 capsules)
  • 1 Starter Kit
  • 25 Cellgevity® Brochures
  • 25 Glutathione Brochures
  • 25 Steve Scott Brochures

How to Join Max International with the Max Active Intro Pack

When you join as an Independent Associate with this affordable enrollment pack you get a simple and duplicable way to generate record growth and success! Getting started with the Max Active Intro Pack gives you enough Max Cellgevity, Max ATP and MaxN-Fuze to create eight individual one‐week sample packs to give to prospective new team members.

The Max Active enrollment pack includes; 2 boxes of Cellgevity (8 one-week bottles, a $202 USD retail value), 1 box of 30 ct. MaxATP ($85 USD retail value), 1 box of 30 ct. MaxN-Fuze ($92 USD retail value), 8 Intro Pack Bags, and 8 Intro Pack Inserts.

Today may be the day to join Max International. Are you looking to supplement your income by owning your own business? Max International can be a major first step towards achieving that dream. You can submit your application online here to join as a Max Associate (Independent Distributor) and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Welcome to the Max International Family of small business owners!

HOW TO JOIN MAX: When you decide to join Max International; STEP #1 of the online sign-up process gives you the option of selecting an initial enrollment pack, e.g. MaxOne Professional Pack valued at over $1,500 USD for $999 USD. The pack also includes a FREE Starter Kit (which normally costs $49 USD) providing the enrollment pack is purchased at the time of sign-up. There are many different enrollment packs to choose from however, it's not necessary to purchase one, just proceed to the next step in the enrollment process of joining Max as an associate. The MaxOne Professional Pack provides the new associate with sufficient product and marketing materials to start building their Max business in a serious manner.

POSITIONS VACANT: Join Max International as a Sales Associate

Would you like to be self-employed, living a healthier life and building greater net worth?

Well you can with Max International. You don't need a high school diploma or a college degree. You just need a strong desire to achieve more in your life and the willingness to work towards it. Right now you may be barely making ends meet however, in just a matter of months you could be well on your way to true financially secure.

So what does it take to be successful with Max International?

Firstly, you need a clear picture your ultimate goal (VISION) and have realistic understanding of the time and effort required to achieve financial independence. This is NOT a "get rich quick scheme", you need patience and to work hard. That said, it is possible to create massive financial leverage by building a team of associates like you and in 3 to 5 years be enjoying much greater wealth.

Why should I become a Max International Sales Associate (Independent Distributor)?

The notion that regular 9-to-5 style jobs are safe and secure is becoming more and more obsolete. Sadly, hard working, dedicated professionals appear to be more and more hours at work with less pay. Highly qualified employees are taxed the highest rates, they are not eligible for generous tax deductions given to the self-employed business people that work from home.

Wouldn't you rather be self-employed?

You are not alone, more than 70% people in the USA want out of working for their boss. Just like you, they want to have more time, income and the ability to live their lives as they see fit. Max International offers you the opportunity to be your own boss enhance your life and the lives of others. Employ some basic steps to gain leverage from others work and you can get paid residual income week in, week out.

The average person employed by a boss is trading their time for a regular paycheck but does not generally make enough money to save for a rainy day or a comfortable retirement. Are you open to learning some new skills outside of just reporting to a job? If Yes; then you probably want to know how to Join Max International. Being and independent distributor with Max International provides a way for ordinary employees to become financially free, independent investors while improving their health and helping their friends and family. It only costs $49 USD to join.

Become an Independent Business Owner / Sales Associate with Max International

If you are a regular Max International customer who loves the health benefits of taking Max's glutathione supporting supplements, then you should consider helping share the good news with people all around the world! Sign up with Max 'A' Team as an Independent Associate today to help us continue promoting Max International world-class products that enable people of all ages to look, feel, and live their lives to the Max! Generous financial rewards are just the starting point; you will have access to sales training, luxury retreats and significant personal development opportunities. Being an independent distributor / business owner with Max International opens the door to unlimited potential not only for you but for your family as well.

Ongoing Mentoring & Business Coaching provided

The one thing about starting a business is that it can be very difficult and slow going in the beginning. Most business people will tell you that the first two years of a business is the hardest. And the reason it's so hard is because you are of course working hard, but because you are not really making any money at first. No business will start making enormous amounts of money right away. All businesses require investment of time, money and effort for it to succeed.

99% of people start things to make money, but they don't last. Most people who start their own business quit after 30 days, some after 3 months, some after 1 year because they are working like crazy but not really seeing the money they were hoping for. We have been there and we understand what it's like to start a business. When you join Max 'A' Team in the USA, we will walk you through each step, we acknowledge that it's going to be hard work at first, but we'll always be there to offer encouragement and point you toward your future goals, we'll take you step-by-step along the path to success.

We know how hard it is to start a business. We've been there and we'll see you through. By starting this journey with us and sticking it out, you will join the 1% of people who through sweat and tears fight through the first couple of years of starting a business and make it through to the other end to find financial freedom.

Everyone in our program started out at the bottom with zero earnings per month. Now some are making hundreds of dollars a month. Some are making a couple of thousand dollars per month. And still others are making tens of thousands of dollars a month. And yet still others are making 6 figures, each and every month.

Not only do you have the potential to make this kind of money, the money that you do make will be passive residual income. What does that mean? That means that at a certain point, you will be making money without having to lift a finger. That means that while you are on the beach sipping on Pina Coladas, money will be rolling into your bank account. That means when you wake up in the morning you will have more money in the bank account than when you went to sleep the night before. That is passive income, money when you do nothing!

If you think that's cheating or wrong somehow, just look at most of the wealthy people. They all make residual income. When a major big screen actor finished a movie, yes he or she does get a lump sum salary. But then they also make a percentage of every dollar that the movie makes from now on until they die. Actually, their families will continue to make money even after they die.

Elvis Presley made royalties every time his songs were played on the radio. He made a cut every time someone bought one of his albums. He made a cut each time his name or image was used in advertising and other media publications. And he continued to do so in his later years when he wasn't doing much. And he continued to earn that residual passive income after he died. In fact, he had more net worth after he died than when he was alive.

How did he do that? Residual income enabled Elvis Presley's estate to grow even further.

That is what we will be helping you do when you join Max 'A' Team. We will help you achieve passive residual income for yourself and your family. So that after you work hard, invest time, energy and money into your business, you will have something to show for it many years down the line in the form of passive income. That is what we are shooting for and that is what we intend to help you achieve.

Residual passive income is what separates having a business and having a job. When you have a job, you work and get paid for your work at that moment. When you finish that activity, you cease to earn money. When you clock out, no one pays you. You are limited to your time and your efforts. With a business, you are building something that will pay you even when you are not working in it. As you build it up, instead of working for the business, the business will be working for you. And unlike human beings, businesses don't have to sleep or eat. And you can multiply businesses. Businesses will make you money as you sleep. Businesses can be scaled up to multiply your income. You are no longer limited to your time to make money. That is the beauty of having your own business.

You will have access and advice from those who have gone before you and found success in this business. We will show you how to be successful in this business. Unlike virtually every other job where the successful people have no desire or intentions of helping anyone else succeed or revealing their secrets to success, we have every incentive to do so in our business. Remember, this is not like any other business that you've seen before. We are setup to help you succeed. If you don't succeed, it won't be for a lack of resources, advice, know-how, or anything else. If you have the persistence and are willing to work, we will show you what to do, how to do it and when. The secret to success is not a secret in our business. We will openly and freely share our secrets to success with you.

And as you succeed, you will be helping others succeed. There is no greater satisfaction in life than to help someone else become successful. But before you can help someone else become successful, you have to be successful, and that will be our job. Remember, you will be part of a team, Max 'A' Team, with others in this business who have walked the road that you will walk on.

Helping Others Succeed in Health

In turn, you will help other's succeed in health, life and business. Max 'A' Team in the USA is more than just a group of people that promote skin care & health products. It's really about helping people. Max International products have helped thousands of people live happier & healthier lives. This is a very unique opportunity to make money by helping other people gain physical and emotional wellness.

As a member of the Max 'A' Team you will be promoting / encouraging better living through healthier lives. You will be showing others how to live their lives to the Max! So many times in life we make money by taking or devaluing people's lives. This is a unique opportunity to make money by helping people live healthy lives.

The skin care & health products industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is set to grow exponentially in the next few years. It's a business that you can get in on while it's still hot and continuing to be hot for the next decade and beyond.

Helping Others Succeed in Business

In addition, you will be helping others start their own businesses and succeed. Not only will you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone else become financially free, you will get paid for it!

Can you imagine a business that pays you to help others succeed?

Now you have it with Max International. And it's not like a life coaching job where you get paid only for the time and effort you put in. With Max International you will continue to get paid long after you have invested in those you are helping. Yes, we are talking about residual income.

You will make money from the performance of the people you help succeed for as long as they are successful. In addition, as they help others succeed you will make money from that as well. Before you know it, you are making hundreds, possibly tens of thousands a month without lifting a finger. How does that sound?

As a member of Max 'A' Team, you will be mentoring other people who want to start their own Max business helping other people become healthier. You will guide them, coach them, mentor them, encourage them and bring them to a place where they are living out their dreams.

It's one thing to see your own dreams fulfilled; it's another thing altogether to help other people fulfill their dreams. Trust me, it's like a drug. You will never get sick of it. In fact, you will come to a place where you'll say to yourself, "Wow, this feeling of helping others fulfill their dreams is so great that I would do it for free." You might be willing to do it for free, but it won't! You will get paid to help others. It's a win-win-win situation!

So many times in business it's a zero-sum game. What does that mean? It means that when one person in business is winning, another is losing. Business can be a nasty, cutthroat world. But it doesn't have to be. You don't have to cut people's throat to get ahead. You don't have to step on others and you don't have to be stepped on to be in business. Much of the business world is like that, but with Max International you can escape that dog-eat-dog world forever!

By starting your own business with Max 'A' Team, you will be a part of a unique business experience where everyone wins and you don't have to make someone else lose to get ahead. In fact, there is a built in incentive to help others win. If they win, you win, and not just in the emotional sense! You win financially!

Do you want to be a part of a world where people help each other? Do you want a world where you don't have to back stab, step on or beat someone else in the game to make money? This is your opportunity to do that. Max International is a world where everyone wins. Your customers win by living a healthier life. Your business partners win by making more money. And all along the way, you are making money as other's are living a better life all around.

Helping Others Succeed in Life

By helping others succeed in business, you will also be helping them succeed in life. There are so many people who can't seem to get their life in order. Their lives are constantly filled with going from one crisis to another as they are constantly stressed out because of money. They have bills rising to the ceilings and they can't seem to find a way out of it. Now, by helping people succeed with a Max International business, you will be helping yourself and others get out of the problems caused by not enough money.

Guess what the number one reason is for people getting divorced? It's money! The number 1 problem in marriages is managing finances and conflicts over money. If they had financial security, even if they had other problems, at least money wouldn't be an issue.

One of the main reasons there are families issues is because one or more parent is not spending enough time at home with the family. And one of the main reasons people don't spend enough time at home is because they are working all of the time. Just imagine having enough time to spend with your family. Imagine being able to go on lavish vacations with them anywhere you wanted. How about a cruise every 6 months? How about a trip to Disney World every year? How about a trip to a different European country every couple of years? This is all possible when you get financial freedom.

And of course, not only that, you will help others spend more time with their families as well. Can you imagine being the one to bring a family closer together?

You could be the catalyst for reconciliation and redemption in a family by helping them start their own home-based business and gain financial independence.

How about stress? It's not the money that's the problem; it's the stress the lack of it causes. Even for those who do spend time with their families, it can be a not-so-quality time because you are stressed out. If you are feeling stressed out and heavily burdened under the financial pressures of life, you won't be able to enjoy quality time together with your family. The time that you do spend with them will be spent worrying, stressed out and emotionally drained. But on the other hand, it is just wonderful being able to spend time with your family, and do it with a free and clear mind and spirit.

Join Max International - Benefits of Membership

For a limited time Max 'A' Team are running a membership drive whereby new business partners (i.e. associates) will receive one month’s supply of their preferred product when they sign-up to the auto-ship program and a FREE personalized version of the website.

Max International Cellgevity is the most effective way to boost your glutathione levels and now Max 'A' Team is making it easier to boost your income by working part-time from home.

Starting your own home-based business with Max International is not as expensive as you may think. Refer to the Why Choose Max page. 

It only costs $49 for the starter kit

The introductory product packs (i.e. Premiere, Professional and Personal) included in Step 1: of the enrollment process are optional extras; they are not required to get started. Skip Step 1: and move onto Step 2: to order a regular monthly supply of product

Associates (i.e. business partners) and Preferred Customers automatically receive the wholesale price discount when they sign-up on the auto-ship program. Their regular monthly order can be cancelled at any time.

Loyalty Program: Enjoy an additional approx. 20% discount when you agree to purchase product for three months in a row. After the initial three-month period the extra discount applies for as long as you continue that order. The order may be cancelled if you wish anytime after the first three months.

Tax Savings: Home based business owners in the USA qualify for more tax breaks than do taxpayers in any other category. Any part time business can provide tax savings when you operate the business from your home. It is easy to meet the government requirements for the tax breaks, and average taxpayers can save between $300 and $500 a month when they understand how to take advantage of the deductions.

Benefits of Joining Max 'A' Team

  • One FREE product of your choice
  • FREE personalized version of the website
  • Initial training and ongoing support

Can you afford not to take advantage of this special promotion? If you want more information please visit

We are a support group for Max International Associates seeking guidance on how to build a profitable work from home business. The founders of Max 'A' Team are successful business people who wish to share their passion for Max International products and their business skills with Max Associates everywhere. Join us to Earn Extra Income and have the freedom of being your Own Boss with Max International. This profitable Home Based Business Opportunity promotes Healthy Living via a unique range of products that are truly life changing. Join today and share the benefits of better health and wealth with those you Love.

So where does Max 'A' Team Come In?

Max 'A' Team Leaders and Mentors supporting Independent Associates in Australia. Many people are suspicious of network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, for one simple reason: the vast majority of network marketing associates never make that much money. Because they don't understand how to market the products they are representing, they quickly become frustrated, decide that the product isn't that valuable after all, and give up, often losing money instead of earning it.

This is where Max 'A' Team comes in. Instead of learning all of the ins and outs of multi-level marketing on your own by trial and a lot of error, we'll support you with superior marketing materials, videos, discussion forums, and tips. In short, we provide you with everything you need to successfully sell Max International's breakthrough glutathione boosting nutritional supplements and the Visible Solutions skin care products.

Max 'A' Team was founded by Tim Grosvenor. Tim is his own boss and sets his own schedule. He never has to worry about recessions again, and the best part is that his get to improve the Health and Wealth of others. Max 'A' Team leaders are ready to share their strategies for success with others. By sharing their strategies and methodologies, they will save new Max associates from the frustrations and errors that so often lead to failure with network marketing. By joining Max 'A' Team, you will learn how to promote Max products with ease and professionalism, breaking into a competitive market with unprecedented success.

The main purpose of this website is to provide support & encouragement for all Max Independent Associates wherever Max International products are sold globally. You don't need to be one of our directly sponsored team members. Our Team Leaders and Mentors are very happy to share their knowledge with anyone, just call or send an eMail with your questions. After all, as Tim Grosvenor, Max 'A' Team founder, is fond of saying ... "We are all members of ONE large extended Family of Max Associates - you only have to ASK me!"