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At Max 'A' Team we will help you get off to a great start in your Max international Work from Home business with heaps of tools and ongoing friendly support. The starter Kit is just $49 USD and that includes 12 months access to the Max back office system.

How to GET STARTED on the right track ...

Max 'A' Team, primarily Ronen & Alexandra Brown together with Tim Grosvenor are eager to partner with you ...

to help you build your own strong, lasting and successful Max business.

The Max International Starter Kit is included as part of the $49 joining feeAs an Independent Max International Associate, you are YOUR OWN BOSS and Max International is your support staff. We provide a marketing and administrative support backbone that saves Max Associates the time they need to focus on building their own Max businesses.

The Starter Kit is included in the modest joining fee of $49 USD.

The Max International Call Center Operation is dedicated to helping you manage and grow your business. They place your product orders, track product shipments, provide promotion updates and guide you as you advance through the ranks.

You will have access to advanced Virtual Office technology which provides you with all of the electronic tools you need to manage and grow your independent Max International business. Time consuming business operations like credit card processing, commissions, fulfillment, shipping and inventory management are all handled by our advanced technology.

The corporate operation focuses on providing Max Associates with the training, professional marketing materials and online content they need to grow a strong and lasting Max business.

Regular corporate EVENTS and Conference Calls provide Max Associates with inspiration and the perfect setting to introduce their prospects to Max products and business opportunities. The entire corporate team and your sponsor will partner with you to help you to grow your Max business.

We are excited to have the opportunity to provide you with an overview of the extensive tools and support we make available to our Max Associates ...

It All Starts with the Max Action Plan

The Max Action Plan has been designed, and field tested, to maximize our Max Associates success. It provides "step-by-step" advice, examples, scheduling and tools to help you to launch and energize your Max business. Associates receive a full, hard-copy version of the Action Plan and other helpful information upon joining Max.

The most successful Max Associates recommend that you harness your excitement and establish your business building habits in your first week. The Max Action plan details the following actions to help you to get organized and off to a fast start.

  • Phase One: Get Organized

    • Read the "Getting Started" section
    • Schedule meetings with your Sponsor and Up-Line leaders to discuss your plan and address your questions.
    • Purchase a "Premiere Pack." This pack will give provide you with enough product to get your business started. It also qualifies you to earn additional commissions.
    • Enroll with at least 100 PV in the Loyalty Auto Ship program
    • Watch the "Perfect Time" DVD in available in the Starter Kit
    • Visit the Virtual Office to establish your social media connections including email, "Like Us" on Facebook (, bookmark our blog and subscribe to the blog RSS ( and "Follow Us" on Twitter (
    • Update your calendar with the up coming Corporate conference calls and events.
  • Phase Two: Learn the Duplication Cycle

    The Max Duplication Cycle consists of four "Power Basics." These include organization, invitation, presentation and registration. The ability for you and the people you enroll to learn and replicate the core principles of the duplication cycle will ultimately determine your overall success.

Max Duplication Cycle

Let's review each of the "Power Basics" and the steps you will take to incorporate them into your action plan.

Power Basic #1 - Organization

This part of the cycle focuses on you and your personal reason(s) for wanting to build a Max business. Discovering your personal "why" is essential to your success. The action plan will guide you to complete the following organization building steps:

  • Discover your personal "why"
  • Set your goals
  • Create your list
  • Familiarize yourself with the "Max Activity Chart"
  • Complete your 90 day plan

Power Basic #2 - Invitation

Recruiting prospects to join your Max team requires you to learn "Invitation" techniques that will maximize your success. Securing your prospects commitment to join you is a process. This section of the action plan will help you to learn how to extend an invitation by first listening to your prospects needs, and then matching those needs with your solution.

The Power Basic #2 section of the action plan will guide you to complete the following:

  • Write your story and explain how it aligns with the Max story

  • Practice inviting with your Sponsor

Power Basic #3 - Presentation

The purpose for this portion of the cycle is to expose your potential prospects to what they want to know about Max. The key is to uncover what they are interested in learning more about in the "Invitation" portion of the cycle and then crafting a presentation approach that matches their interests.

The Power Basic #3 section of the action plan will guide you to complete the following:

  • Review the Max sales tools that came with your Premiere Pack

  • Write down the meetings your will attend in the next 12 months. Visit the events page on
  • Practice making a three-way call.
  • Practice how to properly invite prospects to join Max as either a Preferred Customer or as an associate.

Power Basic #4 - Registration

The final step in the cycle is to register or enroll a new Associate or Preferred Customer. The registration process is simple. Just visit and look for the enrollment page to get the details.

Additional information about the business building tools available to Max Associates is available from ... Max International corporate website 

There's Heaps of Tools and Support Available

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