Learn How to Slow Down the Aging Process

Boosting the body's ability to produce Glutathione naturally will in most cases counteract the onslaught from environmental toxins and prevent premature aging.

Glutathione can help to Slow the Aging Process

Tales of the "Fountain of Youth" have been spoken about for thousands of years by various explorers, historians and world travellers. Supposedly, the powers of the water in this mythical spring would restore youth to anyone who drank or bathed in it. What Ponce de Leon, Herodotus and Alexander the Great didn't realize was that the Fountain of Youth was already inside of their bodies in the form of a powerful antioxidant. Now, this detoxifying agent isn't a magical cure for restoring youth immediately, but it does have the ability to slow down the aging process and that is something to get excited about.

The Healing Power of Glutathione

One of the main causes of illness, infections and aging in your body is due to the build up of toxins. Fortunately, your body produces what some call a super-antioxidant that is known as glutathione. This tripeptide originates in your liver and helps this important organ function. Your liver is the main filtering system in your body. It screens out harmful toxins and helps keep your system healthy. Your liver must be functioning at optimal levels to ensure that your body is detoxified. If your liver isn't functioning at optimal levels, glutathione production is hindered, and the threat of higher toxin levels is present. Keeping your glutathione production at optimal levels ensures a few vital functions:

  • Keeps your mitochondria in tip top shape. These "cellular power plants" supply most of the chemical energy required to keep eukaryotic cells in your body functioning correctly.

  • Maintains a way to neutralize and dispel toxins and heavy metals from your system.

  • Helps fend off inflammation, heart disease, cancerous growths, dementia, general neurological decline and problems created by other diseases that plague the human body.

  • Optimizes and maintains the immune system while protecting your DNA from being damaged.

  • Is known to combat mechanisms in the body that are responsible for the aging process. In fact, glutathione assists in keeping the energy level in your body higher for a longer period of time.

Glutathione Production in the Body

While glutathione is found in your body, there is a small problem - your body loses the ability to produce glutathione as you age. Unfortunately, this starts to occur directly after your teenage years when you hit your 20s. The decline in production occurs at about a rate of 10% every 10 years. At that rate, when you hit the age of 60, the amount of glutathione that your body produces will be about half the amount that it used to make 40 years earlier. With this loss in production levels, you'll soon find that your energy levels have dropped, and you may be more susceptible to acquiring common colds or viruses. Also, many professionals in the area of health and nutrition now believe that lower glutathione production is the culprit for the onset of inflammatory conditions, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, coronary challenges and DNA damage.

Here's Some Good News

Fortunately, you have taken steps to educate yourself, and you are now armed with information about how powerful glutathione is in keeping you healthy. There are ways that you can ensure that your body is working in a cohesive manner to trigger optimum glutathione production. Only relying on one or two areas to keep you healthy will not work.

Stress reduction, a healthy diet and a smart exercise program in conjunction with glutathione boosting nutritional supplements will keep your health at peak levels.

Stress is a major reason that many individuals become ill. In fact, chronic stress can actually deplete glutathione. Reducing stress aids in helping you relax and can be achieved by meditation, deep breathing, listening to music, massage and reaching out to friends. Exercise also plays a huge role in how healthy you are. Swimming, walking or playing your favorite sport will help trigger glutathione production. If you haven't worked out in a while, be sure to start slow and work into a routine. You don't want to injure your body or cause any other problems by over exerting yourself.

Enjoying a diet of foods that stimulate and support glutathione production is another way that you can ensure good health. Cabbage, kale, cauliflower, watercress, parsley, avocados, onions and garlic are just a few of these top foods. Many of these choices can be paired with proteins for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A final step that you can take to combat the loss of glutathione production is by beginning a supplementation program. For years, the only way to increase glutathione in the body was by hooking up to an IV drip. You can imagine how cumbersome and unrealistic this method would be. Another problem was that oral forms were not formulated correctly, and the body would just break down about 90% of the supplement that would hinder any positive results. Fortunately, health professionals continued to work on a formula that would work in oral form until they achieved success. Through their diligence and perseverance they created a pill form that you can now take to achieve positive results. The formula is known as RiboCeine, and it's being taken by like-minded individuals who want to cut short the aging process.

One segment of the population that's gaining benefits from taking glutathione enhancing supplements is the baby boomer generation. Many of these smart individuals are incorporating supplementation into their lifestyles and discovering great benefits.

Are you ready to feel better, boost your energy levels and slow down the aging process? You can do it right now and you won't have to go searching for an imaginary "Fountain of Youth."


Baby Boomers Enjoying Life To The MAX

Some baby boomers today enjoy life as if they were twenty years younger. Maybe it's because they feel energized and healthy. Along with getting exercise, eating healthy and maintaining glutathione levels, they are living the active lifestyle our bodies and minds were meant to live.

What is glutathione and why haven't we heard of it before? It's one of nature's detoxifiers, protecting cells like no other antioxidant can. You see, our bodies are made up of many cells, more than you can count. Our body really needs our cells to be healthy because as we age and the cells go, our own health is at risk.

The number one cell our own body produces is glutathione, along with other antioxidants. Glutathione is a bit like high test gas for a car, it boosts your body’s performance. As we get older, these levels are depleted living life. Poor sleep over the years, bad nutrition and lousy eating habits take a toll on the body. Lack of exercise, exposure to pollutants, harmful substances and toxins can radically deplete glutathione from your system.

You may not realize how our bodies react to free radicals and antioxidants. Feeling a decrease in energy as we get older may be from low levels of ATP production. When we eat good, healthy foods and use supplements, the energy produced is called ATP. If your cells are not working up to their potential, they won't produce the ATP the body needs to function properly. It releases a by product called oxidants and if there are too many oxidants, the free radicals surface and too many of these can do damage to your body.

Free radicals are bad for the body as they damage and attack cells. But some baby boomers have found out along with exercise and good eating habits, using a supplement that increases natural glutathione production can help to support the immune system and detoxify the body.

You may wonder why you never heard of glutathione until now. One of the biggest problems scientists had was they couldn't get glutathione to digest. If it is unable to digest, the body can't absorb it and it does no good. The evidence is there but there was no way to get glutathione to digest in the stomach and be absorbed by the cells.

A patent pending product called MaxGXL, by Max International knows the secret to getting glutathione in the system for peak cell absorption, thanks to Robert Keller MD. He was a leading clinical physician, immunologist and researcher whose search took him ten years to produce this formula.

The formula gives the body what it needs to manufacture glutathione. It can allow the substance to pass through the digestive system so the ingredients can pass through cell membranes and combine to form glutathione. Feeding your body this formula is like regenerating cells and as you continue to take it, you'll discover your body stays and maintains a healthy overall feeling of energy and vitality.

By supporting the body's natural production, MaxGXL empowers your own cells to function at peak level to help you age healthy with optimal cellular health. Instead of losing energy as you age, this will help to build up the immune system so you can live life to it's fullest like so many other baby boomers who have tried this product.

Those who have tried glutathione have given powerful testimonies and all are very positive. A 68 year old woman said she felt so much older than her age because her energy level was so low. She couldn't walk up steps or even take on hills. She would try to stand up after sitting for some time and it filled her with pain to do so.

A couple struggled with lethargy for years, feeling as if they were in a fog all day long. After taking the glutathione enhancing supplement, she felt as if the fog lifted and he didn't have to deal with energy lows half way through his day. Plus his back issues seemed to be gone, giving a better quality of life.

It seems these baby boomers are enjoying life to the MAX now with a bit of help from glutathione. Since glutathione is already produced in your body, without it your cells would cause oxidative stress, causing your cells to actually disintegrate. The liver could be overflowed with toxins and would stop working and the whole body itself would not have any resistance left. The possibility of picking up bacteria and viruses is pretty much guaranteed.

If you think about those who are aging, their lives can change radically if they were to use something like Max Cellgevity to help produce more glutathione. Even for those who do work out and have active lives, glutathione can enhance instead of hurting the body after a work out. One woman mentioned she never gets sore after her work outs. She even seems to sleep better, waking up crisp and energetic.

One of the reasons baby boomers are enjoying life is because Max Cellgevity is an industry leader for the glutathione supplement, whose company is committed to the research, which makes it an effective product for aging boomers to enhance their lives.

Baby boomers can enjoy a full, productive and fun life with exercise, healthy foods and supplementing their lives with glutathione. Through the power of Max products such as Cellgevity and MaxATP, aging can be much more enjoyable by overcoming the stressors and keeping the body's cells protected.

Glutathione is the main reason why baby boomer, Tim Grosvenor is now enjoying life to the MAX, living life to it's fullest instead of letting life live them.