Max International is one of the best Business Opportunities available today

The benefits of working from home with Max International include having the freedom to enjoy more quality time with your family or to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. It's the perfect home-based business opportunity, one that not only enables you to make money but also improve the life of others. FIVE key reasons to choose Max: #1 Timing, #2 Ownership, #3 Products, #4 Trends and #5 Compensation. Keep posted for details about Max International business opportunity in Namibia and South Africa.

Learn why Max International is such a profitable work from home business opportunity

Why Max International?

While there are plenty of business opportunities to choose from, only Max International offers more passion, inspiration, stability, community.

At Max International, you can make more than just money; you can make a real difference in the lives of family and friends.

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Making Money and a Difference


Profitable Work from Home Business Opportunity

Network marketing is an excellent business venture for anyone who desires to reap the rewards of hard work. Max International gives motivated entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in network marketing. Now is the best time to get started with Max International. Here are five key reasons why you should consider joining us as an independent associate:

#1 Timing

One of the most efficient ways of accruing wealth in business is to invest early on a new business. Timing is crucial. For example, if a new company creates a breakthrough invention and you get in early on it, then you receive a huge profit. Quick thinking and proper timing could make you a millionaire.

Max International was recently granted a patent on RiboCeine™ Advanced Glutathione Support. Max nutritional supplements have the potential to rake in a hefty profit. Now is the time to join Max International so that you can profit from Cellgevity, MaxATP and Max357 Omega Blend plus several other truly effective products marketed by the company.

In addition to its excellent line of health and wellness products, Max International has a strong and experienced management team. Chief Executive Officer Joe Voyticky is a corporate lawyer who trained at Harvard. Voyticky was originally hired as a consultant to work on technology acquisition. He was greatly impressed by Max International's patents and joined the company. He boasts that Max International's technology is fit for use in multi-billion dollar companies. In fact, many people believe that Max International will grow into a multi-billion dollar business.

Max is still a relatively young company that was founded in 2007. However, it is currently one of the fastest-growing companies ever in existence. First year sales were at $15 million, and second year sales totaled $50 million. In its third and most current year, the company achieved sales of $80 million. With sales increasing every year, it is pretty safe to say that investing in Max International would be a wise decision. You should consider joining now to maximize your future earning potential.

#2 Ownership and Partnerships

The founder of the company, Steven Scott began his career in marketing quite dismally. He failed at his first nine business ventures, and was told by one boss that he would never succeed in his field. The art of effective partnering is one essential thing that Mr. Scott has mastered in his long career in the marketing field. Like Steven Scott, you can also find excellent partnerships in the marketing field. Your partners and co-associates at Max International will help you focus on your goals and build a solid foundation to achieve those goals.

#3 Outstanding Products

Max International offers breakthrough products that have been tested, patented, or in the process of receiving a patent. These products all provide support for our body's natural production of glutathione, which is a master antioxidant. Glutathione performs a vital role in the body, it:

  • Boosts liver functioning
  • Slows the aging process
  • Aids in more effective lung and heart functioning
  • Improves concentration and mental focus
  • Increases energy level
  • Improves exercise endurance
  • Aids in building a stronger immune system
  • Cleanses the body - removes harmful toxins

#4 Trends in the Health & Wellness Sector

In addition to Max's excellent products, there are two trends that make the company a good investment business. The first of these trends is the health and wellness trend that many people are following. Paul Zane Pilzer, a renowned economist, predicts that wellness will be soon be a trillion-dollar industry. In fact, the wellness industry is steadily growing. It's simple: mix the industry growth with the exceptional products that Max offers, and the end result will be a money-making recipe.

The second international trend is the consumer need for network marketing businesses. This need is illustrated by the inadequacies in public health care. Currently, a growing aging population, the rise of chronic illnesses, and massive budget problems are plaguing public health care systems. Prevention of these problems is just as important as treatment, and Max offers products that may help people live better, healthier lives.

#5 Top Compensation Plan Rewards

The benefits of self-employment are innumerable. Perhaps most importantly, self-employed individuals have more freedom than their counterparts. By starting your own business, you will be in control of your work life, obtain financial freedom, and be your own boss. At Max International, you will also have the opportunity to improve the lives of others by making a positive difference with the products you sell. 

Max International associates earn leveraged, exponential income. You have the opportunity to start a business and create strong cash flow, and you may later reinvest these earnings.

Get started with Max International today reap the rewards of excellent compensation, take advantage of a new business venture at the right time, and benefit from Max's outstanding products. In fact, you should try these products for yourself before investing your time and money. Simply call or e-mail for a starter kit, and make the next step toward a successful future in the direct marketing industry.

Max International Work-at-Home Business is one of the Best Opportunities in the USA today!

Day-in day-out people put in long hours just to take home a basic paycheck. Whether they're working for a salary or by the hour they are all trading time and their talents for money. If this is you, are aware that if you lose your job you lose your income? Job security is something everyone needs and wants. Unfortunately if you are like most people job security doesn't exist because you have little or no control over your ability to increase your income and build long-term financial stability. Your paycheck depends on your employer and how well the company is performing in the current economy.

Max Diamond Retreat in 2019 will be held in South Africa, Sun City and Palace of the Lost City nearby a game reserve.

Welcome to the global extended family of Max International in Namibia, Africa. As an independent associate (i.e. small business owner) you have the ability to improve your own health and that of the communitiy in which you live, thanks to the amazing glutathione enhancing products from Max International. Furthermore, by working together as a TEAM in Namibia we have an opportunity to build our individual businesses and earn a lot of money, significantly enhancing the quality of our lifestyle.It is my great pleasure to work with you and the team in Africa to help you all become successful in this business. We will also receive support from the top money-earning associate in this company, Mr. Alan Sickman Double Crown Diamond because he is my friend and sponsor.

So if you are looking for a profitable and trustworthy network marketing company in Namibia, then look no further than Max International.

When you choose to be a self-employed stay-at-home parent you will receive great compensation. The health benefits you gain from using Max International products and the money you earn will enable you to live life to the MAX! The Max International work from home business is not only available to folk in the United States of America, as the name would suggest its active throughout the Asia-Pacific region in countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines plus Ghana and Nigeria in West Africa. For more detailed information about the Max International Business Opportunity in the U.S. please visit our Max USA Team website.

Work-at-home and enjoy Health plus Wealth with Max International.

Visible Solutions Complete Skin Care System: Every year, the cosmetics industry sells billions of dollars worth of anti-aging skin care creams and other products marketed toward people who want to look their youngest and their best. Max International also runs a line of products that fight the effects of aging. Visible Solutions is the company's breakthrough system designed to:

  • Improve skin's elasticity
  • Optimize collagen
  • Increase skin's hydration
  • Decrease the effects of destructive free radicals

Are you looking for a business opportunity in Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand or in the Philippines? Our sister team of associates in the Asia-Pacific region are eager to help you earn a good income from this work from home business. Visit the MaxHealth.Asia website for more details about Max International products available in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Max International Officially Opens for Business in Australia

With unmatched, glutathione-enhancing dietary supplements and the cutting-edge Visible Solutions™ Skin Care System, Max International is at the forefront of the anti-aging industry, providing you an opportunity for accelerated income generation.

In February, you can help further that opportunity when Max officially opens in Australia. We want you and your guests to be a part of the festivities at the official launch Saturday, February 12, 2011 and at three additional events around Australia, plus our one-year anniversary event in Auckland. In 2019 South Africa could well be added to the list of countries where the Max International business opportunity is available.

Learn first-hand from Max Corporate Executives and leading independent ssociates how you can grow your business in 2011 and leverage Max's anti-aging expertise. This is your chance to make the most of the Max opportunity in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

If you're a business owner yourself you most likely have a property lease, equipment and merchandise to purchase, employees to pay, inventory to stock and if an employee doesn't show up for work you may have to do his job while continuing to manage all of your other responsibilities. What if you can build your own business, work flexible hours and earn unlimited income without all the traditional headaches?

Welcome to Max International a company that offer its partners, people just like you a business opportunity that is unmatched in the direct selling industry. Max International was formed in 2007 to give people two of the things they need most, good health and earning power to turn their dreams into reality. With Max International you can work the business part-time to supplement your current income or you can create a new career that offers the potential to completely transform your life. You can become a Max International independent associate in Australia with a very small investment. You have no substantial overhead as an associate, no employees to pay or insure and best of all you can earn as much money as you want, your income is dependent on your efforts and not by an amount determined by an employer.

In today's world you will find many opportunities to earn income in the direct selling / multilevel marketing (MLM) industry. It's important for you to find the right one. Your first step is to understand the components that support a great business opportunity and the company behind it. One of the most important is timing. To appreciate why timing is so critical you must first understand the 'S' curve of building a successful business. The 'S' curve can be separated into four phases of growth.

  • The first is FORMULATION or setting up the company.

  • Next is CONCENTRATION, this is when the company is implementing it strategies, building brand awareness, training employees and working on market expansion.

  • The third phase is MOMENTUM it's what some would call the tipping point when the business is best positioned to experience the phenomenal growth in the marketplace.

  • Finally, the fourth is STABILITY you want a company that is highly successful from years of both proven management and product quality as well as steady financial growth with continued phases of accelerated growth as the company launches new products and expands into new markets.

Even though each of these phases is important for the long-term success of a company it's the third phase MOMENTUM that plays such a critical role in the timing of an opportunity. Here in the third phase of the successful company like Max International is when the initial burst of exponential growth occurs. That's why timing plays such an important role in supporting a powerful business opportunity for Max International associates and that's why this company is perfectly positioned to help you build a successful work from home business.

Trends are the second pillar supporting a company's success. A powerful trend can be the keystone of success for many companies, some trends coming down but others like the health and wellness industry continue to grow despite economic downturns. That's because people are living longer than ever they want to look and feel as young as possible for as long as possible. Health and wellness accounted for global revenue of six hundred billion dollars in 2007 and it is projected to be the next trillion dollar global industry.

A high quality in demand product portfolio along with exclusivity is the third pillar that supports a powerful business opportunity. Max International is well positioned to capitalize on the current anti-aging trend thanks to the proven science and benefits of its products. Max GXL is the result of over ten years of research and development of an effective glutathione supportive supplement developed by the renowned immunologist and haematologist doctor Robert Keller. Max GXL, Cellgevity and Max ONE promote the body's own ability to produce and recycle the body's master antioxidant glutathione. This vital compound supports immune function, helps detoxify the body, fights inflammation, slows down the aging process and enhances overall well-being. The company's recent acquisition of Cellgevity Technology also supports Max International's commitment to finding new and innovative products that increase your body's glutathione levels. The company's continued search for formulas that offer proven benefits help ensures that you have the highest quality products to share with others. To learn more about Max International products watch the product videos included on the corporate website.

The fourth pillar of success is choosing a company with proven leadership. Max International was founded by some of the world's most successful marketers Steve Scott is a six-time New York Times bestselling author and ultra successful entrepreneur. This marketing powerhouse has created highly successful brands and companies throughout the world and he knows the importance of assembling a team of experts to oversee consistent profitable growth. Max International's world-class corporate team has many years of experience in the direct selling industry they know the industry and the importance of proven scientifically developed products and how to market those products around the world. These four pillars ... Timing, Trends, Product and corporate Leadership will enable you to be a part of Max International's pivotal swing too explosive growth and help you achieve the life you've always imagined.

Why Choose Max International for a Home Based Business?

Statistics and news reports paint a dismal picture regarding the state of the economy. A gloomy job market coupled with stagnant wages sounds like a talking point. However, this is an unfortunate reality for most families. Searching for opportunities to expand income and wealth is challenging, but not impossible. The dismal job market is actually a chance to consider other business opportunities that improve financial success.

Once a person decides to look at ways to earn money, the next step is finding a reputable business opportunity. No one wants to get scammed by insensitive people who want to take advantage of others. Fortunately, Max International offers a low-cost investment (just $49 USD) where you will reap high returns. Max International provides a chance to work from home and create a network marketing success story.

Deciding to start a home based business is a good thing. The worst thing is to waste time and money on an illegitimate home business. Overcome the hurdle of bad opportunities by knowing what to expect from good ones.

Which is Best, Either a New or Long Established Business?

Many experts recommend looking for companies that have stability from being in business for a long time. This is a good factor based on the type of products and/or services offered. However, these can also become liabilities if the products or services are not what consumers want.

There are many well-established opportunities like Max International (founded in 2007) that exist for the budding entrepreneur. By investing in this business opportunity, you are making an investment in your life and the life of others. You can make a living and make a difference by selling high quality products through this proven marketing system.

Max International Offers High-Quality Products

Speaking of products, the next consideration for a work from home opportunity is how potential customers will benefit. Revenue sales can increase when you sell a product that most people need or use. Further, you are a better salesperson when the product is something that you need or use. Unfamiliarity with a product is evident when you try to persuade others to buy.

A home based business with Max International is a chance to present life-changing products to customers. The health enthusiast can take advantage of products that improves their body's natural ability to purge impurities and fight diseases.

Honest enthusiasm can eliminate the need to sell products. Displaying a positive attitude is expressed outwardly. Customers will notice a difference and want to know how you did it. Telling people that you look and feel well because of Max International products will open the door to increased sales.

You also want to sell products that are affordable for the average consumer. Expensive products are usually harder to sell, especially if quality does not match the price. However, a reasonably priced product that offers great health benefits is the best combination. Customers will get what they are paying for by purchasing Max International products.

Society is overrun with health threats. From environmental toxins to daily stress, the human body has a lot to endure. Following unhealthy habits compounds the situation where millions are looking for a positive change.

People have many health concerns that are waiting for the Max International answer to supplementing natural glutathione production. Obesity, fatigue, stress and muscle discomfort represents a small list of these concerns. Living a healthier life requires taking control of things that can change. Accepting stress and fatigue as a normal part of life is abnormal for our bodies.

High-quality products offered by Max International can enhance a vital component for good health. Their products consist of ingredients that boost the natural production of glutathione, a molecule in each and every one of our cells that support wellness naturally. Max International is a global leader in providing products that are supported by proven research. The products work to maintain optimal health and wellness.

Amount of Investment and Compensation Plan

Many factors weigh on the investment amounts of the business. Some business opportunities ask for a membership fee. Others might request a one-time charge to receive products and associated materials.

Not only should you consider how much it costs to start the business, but factor in other expenses. For example, you want to know whether the company offers a compensation plan. If so, you should receive a detailed explanation of how the compensation plan works.

Some opportunities have high-income potential built into the business model. You want a realistic expectation how much is possible. Comparing income potential to the amount of investment can help you determine if the investment is worthwhile.

Experienced entrepreneurs understand the break-even point for business opportunities. This is the time it takes to reach a desirable income level. Additionally, the break-even point represents the claims made by the at-home opportunity.

Max International has a unique plan that includes performance rewards in addition to explosive income. The plan is designed to provide immediate income plus residual incomes over the long-term. Your earnings potential is limited only by the bar you set.

Associates of Max International enjoy a generous compensation for selling these unique products. Your earnings potential is exceptional compared to what it costs to begin a business with Max International.

Great Potential for Success with Max International

Determining your potential for success is essential to starting a new business venture. While not all business opportunities come with a guarantee, you should look for ones that have potential. Trying to break through a saturated market is not as promising as finding a niche. Selling Max International products places you on the cusp of innovations for a healthy society. Years of research and patents with Max International products promise great potential for success.

Initial Training and Ongoing Support Supplied

Training and support to become successful is another important consideration for work-at-home business opportunities. No company should expect you to become an expert without offering tools to help. After all, their success depends on how well you can sell their products and/or services. The company's dedication to helping you succeed speaks volumes to their confidence in the products.

Good training materials and strong leadership are positive signs that you have chosen the right opportunity. Max International believes in helping its associates succeed. You are not required to be an expert on our product inventory, ingredients or other processes.

Max has dedicated many hours into producing quality materials and tools to help you get started. You will learn how to successfully manage your work-at-home business from start to finish.

Work from Home in the USA - Profitable Business Opportunity

Working from home has been a long-held dream for many people. This is an opportunity ideally suited for the stay-at-home mom or recent retiree. Yet, many people can benefit from earning a substantial income from the comforts of home. Your curiosity in finding a home based business opportunity is admirable and possible.

Network Marketing offers greater opportunity than traditional 9-to-5 jobs

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM) has received some negative press in the past. People looking for an opportunity to earn extra income became saddled with a business and marketing plan that required adding people to sell unpopular products.

Alternatively, the products could be good and popular, but territories soon became saturated with hundreds of people selling the same thing. This is when something old is not necessarily a good way to earn extra money.

Most people only signed up for these MLM opportunities because a friend or close relative signed up. Others chose to sign up because the advertisement promised an extraordinary income without providing more details. None of these are good reasons to invest your hard earned money into a company. Research and understanding should precede signing on the dotted line. The hesitancy to get involved was understood by many, including the leadership at Max International.

Just as the products offered through Max empower people to improve their health, the company empowers associates to improve their wealth. Max International does not suffer from the longevity of having out dated plans to compensate its associates. The business model is suitable for today's environment.

There are a myriad of other problems that have discouraged many people from considering MLM as a viable option for business. Finding one that fulfills your expectations is possible.

Max International's reputation precedes its business presence. The years invested into researching the validity of product claims helps to build confidence. So, you have the assurance of industry experts when you approach a family member or friend to join the company.

Remain positive as you continue the search for the best at-home business. Including the unique products at Max International is certainly a positive direction. You will find that what is good about Max International's products is an understatement. Many people have taken the chance on this grand opportunity to increase their wealth while improving people's health.

Max International: it's one of the best home-based business opportunities in the USA

Another indicator of Max International's growth potential is the company's more than 100,000 preferred customers and associates. Few other companies can boast such a high rate of preferred customers, a real mark of true products loyalty. In addition Max International is on the cusp of incredible growth because of its ability to expand into more markets around the world. By strategically planning each phase of the company's international growth Max International has created a strong foundation that is poised to open new markets as demand for its products and opportunity continues to grow. Supporting each phase of the company's expansion is a dynamic rewards program (Compensation Plan). With the Max plan the power of leveraging your time and effort is maximized, you can build your own highly successful business as you help your team members reach their goals. With your Max home based business you can literally earn money while you sleep and partner with people throughout the world. To learn the nine ways you can earn income and generous rewards at Max International watch the compensation plan video on the corporate website. From weekly bonuses to luxury cars, Max International gives you the chance to live the life you want and deserve.

Today you have a choice you can start changing your life or you can continue life as you are now. Perhaps change for you means better health or a way to earn some extra income each month and maybe you're tired of working for someone else everyday and want the ability to have enough money to pay your bills and save for a comfortable financially secure retirement.

Max International is in the ideal position to set new records in both the health and wellness and direct selling industries. With more than triple revenue growth in its second year of operation the company's goal to become one of the most successful companies in the industry is on track. All of the necessary components are now in place for you to enjoy a life that is filled with better health and the lifestyle you want to achieve. Contact the person who invited you to visit this website and start making your long held dreams a reality.

Max International Announces Changes to Executive Management

Now that Max International has introduced its Visible Solutions™ Skin Care System and is poised to enter new markets in 2011, the company has made two changes to its executive management team to help Max and Associates most effectively leverage these and other opportunities.

Joe Voyticky, previously serving as Max's Chief Financial Officer, and Dave Bagley, previously serving as Max's Senior Vice President of Product Development and Operations, have been appointed Co-CEOs. Shareholders have voted to make a bold change to the executive team in order to help Max International refocus on the promise and potential of its founding. As a result of this change, Peter Nordberg and Mike Larkins are no longer with Max.

"As Max enters a new era of providing anti-aging products for inside and outside the body, I believe that Joe and Dave bring the perfect blend of corporate, financial and network marketing expertise to their positions as Co-CEOs. This will enable all of us to achieve our highest goals for our business and our family of Max Associates. I can't think of any others I would want leading the way than Joe & Dave," said Steve Scott, Max International Founder.

There are plenty of home based business opportunities to choose from. Max International offers more passion, inspiration, stability, community than most other alternatives.