Max International Business Opportunity and Team Support

Why Join Max 'A' Team?

The average person has many business opportunities to choose from, but none of them can match the uniquely rewarding experience of partnering with Max International. Max offers a chance to make more than money; with Max International you can find your passion, help others along their path to financial freedom, build your own business and enjoy the feeling of stability created by a thriving community of partners.

Max International offers a truly rewarding Business Opportunity

Working with Max International provides three primary benefits: A chance to improve your health; an opportunity to increase your wealth; and a supportive environment for blazing your own trail to happiness through personal development.

Improve your Health

Max International's ground breaking products are based on years of research on glutathione, a potent anti-oxidant produced naturally in the liver. Max's patented formulas maximize the human liver's ability to produce glutathione, resulting in improved health and increased energy levels for thousands of Max members and customers. Naturally occurring glutathione levels decrease by 8-12 percent every decade after the age of 20, leaving the average 50-year-old with less than 70 percent of the healing and energizing natural antioxidants that they had when they graduated from high school. Studies have shown that Max products can increase the body's production of glutathione by up to 400% thereby offsetting the natural decline in glutathione production and boosting the body's ability to neutralize health destroying toxins caused by pollution, pesticides, cosmetics and countless other chemical factors of modern life. Eliminating toxins and increasing antioxidants in the body can boost the immune system and help slow down the aging process.

Enhance your Wealth

Max International's network marketing plan allows average people to gain as much wealth as they're willing to work for. The basis of network marketing are relationships between members; members who are equally invested in a business and benefit from each other's success. Max members who develop strong teams reap financial benefits when the new members they've mentored begin to be successful and build teams of their own. Max International's compensation plan rewards those who help their team members do well, and there are significant added bonuses and "matching cheques" for leaders that develop strong teams. Everybody wins. Everybody has a chance to create financial freedom by building a company that they own. Most people dream of taking control of their lives and constructing a better future for themselves and their families: Max International has helped countless members turn this dream into reality.

Personal Development Opportunities

Max International is uniquely positioned to help members find their own path and get what they truly want out of life. The philosophy of identifying goals, working hard and managing time well in order to create a satisfying life is deeply ingrained in Max International's company culture. Max provides numerous opportunities for personal development and growth, and Max 'A' Team leaders provide FREE mentoring and ongoing support.

Not all network marketing companies are equal. Max International is guided by a team of seasoned executives who are committed to propelling the company to the top of the industry while helping members achieve their personal financial goals. This team of executives has the complementary skills, integrity, strengths and experience needed to lead Max International and all of its members into an even more prosperous and successful future.

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Benefits of Joining Max 'A' Team - Special Promotion

Have you always wanted to work from home but were afraid to take the initial step. Well joining Max International will lead you to a business with exclusive products that work and can change your life for the better? Are you afraid of the cost? It isn't as expensive as you may think.

Let's get right to the point! Max 'A' Team is running a membership drive and offering a chance to join as a new associate for a limited time only. Any new business partner will receive one month's supply of their preferred product when signing up for the auto ship and a FREE website personalized with their new business in mind.

Generous Financial Rewards - Unlimited Potential

Sound promising? It's true, Max International Cellgevity is the most effective way to boost your glutathione levels and now Max 'A' team is making it easier to boost your income working part-time from home.

$49 is all it takes to get started. When you look over the website, you'll see a choice of introductory packs to help boost your business. The good news is Max International offers these packs for those who want options to boost their business, but it isn't required to get started.

It takes very little to start, but the benefits and possibilities are endless.

The benefits of buying on a regular basis are many. Associates and preferred customers will receive a substantial discount by using auto-ship because you will be buying wholesale, which determines what products to have on hand in the future. When running a business of your own, it's great not to have to worry if you qualify for commissions, the auto-ship will take care of it for you.

What happens if the business isn't for you or you want to cancel the auto-ship? No worries, cancel at anytime. You're never stuck. Max International is a company that wants to help you find success, freedom and financial independence.

What are some of the benefits of starting a part-time business with Max International? For one, the loyalty program is out of this world. Agreeing to buy product for a consistent three months in a row will give you a 20% discount. After three months, the discount will still apply as long as you continue that order. Not only that, if you want to cancel, no problem, it's a breeze to do so after the three month period.

Enjoy fantastic tax savings owing a business from the comfort of your own home. USA residents qualify for many tax breaks that can make a difference to the bottom line of the business. Taking deductions and expenses to change the taxes paid can be substantial when owning a business.

Now that you know what a home business can do for you, what about taking a look at how joining Max 'A' team can benefit even more:

  • One FREE product that you choose
  • website personalized for your business FREE
  • Training and ongoing support

Life with Max International can be so much more. If you're tired of the same old, same old and want to know how to establish your own business, it's easy to get started. Can you afford not to take advantage of this special offer? If you want more information please contact us at

One of our co-founders, Greg Fullerton, was also a co-founder of the original Franklin Quest, a company that developed a highly successful time management and personal productivity system based on the principles of Benjamin Franklin. With Franklin Quest, Greg Fullerton travelled extensively throughout the world training thousands to identify their most important goals and manage their time to achieve them. Max Vice President Mark Brown also had extensive service at Franklin and has trained thousands to reach their goals.